Go for a Spin

Professors Become Entrepreneurs on Road to Commercialize Research
It all starts with a question: Can we build a vehicle that is more fuel efficient? Can we make soap stronger, yet gentler on the skin? Can we cure cancer? Researchers at universities tackle thousands of such questions every day. From agricultur...
February 1, 2008

Patented to Shine

Dipping into the IP World Should be Done at the Right Place and Right Time
Former BYU business student Devon Muir remembers when he saw his first chocolate fountain at a wedding reception. “It was more popular than the bride and groom!” he laughs. Intrigued at the thought of owning and renting chocolate fountains as a s...
February 1, 2008

Marketing and Advertising

With new media on the rise around the globe, even local advertisers are having to find ways to reach the target market. Mobile media, interactive online environments, blogs, podcasts and a number of other avenues are inching their way into the mar...
February 1, 2008

The Limits of Secrecy

What's Public and What's Not in Government Records
In August 2007, six miners were trapped underground during the collapse of the Crandall Canyon Mine in Emery County. The United Mine Workers of America and families of the victims accused the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) of imprope...
February 1, 2008

An Epic Life

The Odyssey of James LeVoy Sorenson 1921-2008
From the vantage point of 2008, the life and career of James LeVoy Sorenson seem to belong to a bygone era, when a solitary individual could change the shape and course of an entire industry. It is tempting to identify Sorenson’s exploits with ...
February 1, 2008

Mike Lawson

Listening and Guiding in the Right Place
As a young man, Mike Lawson promised himself he wouldn’t have a career that required he wear a tie. “I was so wrong,” he says with a laugh. Now president and CEO of Commerce CRG, Utah’s largest real estate firm, and with 25 years as an eco...
February 1, 2008

Carol Fineagan

A Leading Light
When Carol Fineagan, CIO of EnergySolutions, tells people she was in the Girl Scouts for 20 years, she invariably endures the comment that she must have been held back. “It’s not that I failed, but because I really loved it,” she says. “Girl Sc...
February 1, 2008

And Then There Was Light

Fiber Optic is Tomorrow's Telecom Solution
Light is a versatile, powerful energy. At different frequencies light produces x-rays, microwaves, radio waves and infrared signals. Light can be bent, reflected, scattered and absorbed, but for the communications industry, the ability to transmit...
February 1, 2008

Reaching Out to the World

Exports from Utah Add an Unseen Boost to Local Economy
Those who call Utah home are fond of touting the state’s virtues – natural wonders including powder days, red rock cliffs and a salty lake, a highly educated multi-lingual working population, and good family values – all of which accounts for much...
January 1, 2008

Forty Under 40

Utah's Rising Stars
One of Utah’s many strengths has long been the fresh faces of its youthful, innovative population that constantly illuminates the business landscape. Whether it’s creating new categories or directing established companies, this generation of leade...
January 1, 2008

Budget with a Click

Making the Most of Online Freebies
With a mere point and click, small businesses are discovering Web-based tools that don’t cost a penny. Though it can be challenging to navigate the quagmire of offerings (it is called the Web for a reason), online corporations are providing ever-e...
January 1, 2008

A Winter Wonderland

Experiencing it All on Utah's Slopes
For as long as many can remember, Utah has touted itself as being home to The Greatest Snow on Earth. And with 13 winter resorts dotting the map and the most successful winter Olympics ever under its belt, the state has become a draw for powder-mi...
January 1, 2008

Promoting Total Fitness

Choices Abound Even When it Comes to Your Smile
In the world of insurance, options definitely abound. But among those choices, one common thread remains true: don’t be caught without it. The same holds true of dental plans, which can reduce costs over the long term and increaese overall health....
January 1, 2008

The Multiplying Effect

Multi-family Housing Offers a Hot Property for Savvy Investors
Stocks, bonds, gold, startup companies, racehorses: Investors have a tremendous variety of places to plant their money and (hopefully) watch it grow. One often-overlooked investment option in the real estate market is multifamily properties, which...
January 1, 2008

Take the Stairs

Workplace Wellness Programs Pay Off for Companies of All Shapes and Sizes
According to several recent studies, Americans carry more body fat today than any population at any time in history. Utah is mirroring the trend: 66 percent of males and 54 percent of females in the state are overweight or obese, according to the ...
January 1, 2008

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