December 23, 2011

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Best Companies to Work For of 2010

Monday morning—the gloomy start of another long workweek for the vast majorit...Read More

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Best Companies to Work For of 2010

Heather Stewart and Heidi Kulicke

December 23, 2011

Monday morning—the gloomy start of another long workweek for the vast majority of workers. But each year, as Utah Business honors the Best Companies to Work For, we find a group of people who don’t get the Monday Morning Blues, workers who feel empowered at work, who start the week with a sense of anticipation and end it with a sense of accomplishment. The organizations that participate in our annual Best Companies to Work For program go through a rigorous process that includes a detailed profile of the benefits and other perks offered by the company. But more importantly, employees weigh in through surveys that measure their satisfaction with benefits, growth and development opportunities, and the culture of the company. Utah employees have spoken, and we are thrilled to present our 2010 Best Companies to Work For. #1 Spillman Technologies Overall Score: 89.4 Number of Utah Employees: 190 Company Size: Medium Spillman Technologies handily topped our 2010 list of Best Companies to Work For, due in large part to the overwhelming support of its employees. “I can’t say enough how much I love working here,” says one employee. “I’ve never worked anywhere that was as much fun, with as many good challenges, or with as many awesome people.” There’s a lot to love about Spillman’s benefits package. For starters, the company covers 100 percent of the employees’ total family premiums for medical, dental and vision plans. Additionally, the company developed a family-friendly insurance coverage option so that employees don’t have to pay a deductible, and they only pay a small set amount for outpatient and surgical procedures. Other great perks? Spillman has condos in Bear Lake and St. George that are available for employees to use with their family and friends. The break room is stocked with free soda and popcorn. And employees appreciate the frequent family-friendly activities, such as Lagoon Day and a family Halloween party. “Spillman treats its employees like gold,” comments another employee. “[There is a] caring, laid-back management style, while still expecting employees to get the job done.” • 100 percent paid family insurance plan • 401k match • Onsite fitness room • Company condos • Costco and Sam’s Club memberships • Family-friendly activities “Spillman Technologies understands how the strain of poor health can affect an employee and their family; therefore, the company removes that anxiety by paying for all of their insurance premiums.” – Spillman Technologies #2 Grant Thornton Overall Score: 88.0 Number of Utah Employees: 45 Company Size: Small The benefits package offered by Grant Thornton is exhaustive. The company offers standard medical, dental and vision coverage, but goes above and beyond with adoption benefits that cover up to $10,000 of eligible expenses, a legal services plan, auto and home insurance, and even veterinary pet insurance. But the benefit that employees seem to be most enthusiastic about? Flexible scheduling, which enables workers to compress their workweek, telecommute or set part-time hours. “Although this is an accounting firm, there is still a great work/life balance,” explains an employee. “We have a wonderful office with a breakroom that includes a pool table, foosball table, popcorn machine and ice cream machine.” The company promotes the health and wellbeing of its employees, and it pays entrance fees for racing events like 5Ks or marathons. The local Grant Thornton office also has a running club and a softball team. Many employees are also appreciative of the opportunities for growth and development within Grant Thornton. “Promotions are fast,” says one worker. “There is a set path for promotion, so you never are left wondering. Training is held constantly to keep you updated.” • Adoption benefits • Veterinary pet insurance • 401k match • $600 yearly wellness credit • Legal services plan • Flexible scheduling “You know that quality is of the utmost importance, but that we can have fun. They allow us to have a life besides work, which is rare in this industry.” – Grant Thornton Employee #3 Williams Northwest Pipeline Overall Score: 87.7 Number of Utah Employees: 240 Company Size: Medium “I am very proud to work for Williams. The turnover rate is next to nothing and that is because people never want to leave,” says a worker at Williams Northwest Pipeline. From flexible scheduling to a generous portion of vacation time, the company helps employees maintain a healthy work/life balance. It also encourages its workers to give back to the community and even enables employees to donate volunteer service on company time. Employee wellness is another focus of the company, which provides an onsite gym with fitness classes and a dietician—along with incentives for meeting wellness goals. “Besides educational reimbursement, they have programs…to promote growth for those who are willing to step forward and take advantage of the opportunities,” says another employee. And on top of all that, employees report that Williams Northwest Pipeline offers competitive wages and a complete array of benefits, along with a 401k match up to 6 percent and a yearly bonus for all employees. • 401k match and pension • Tuition reimbursement • Flexible scheduling and generous vacation policy • Onsite gym, dietician and masseuse • Domestic partner benefits • Time paid for volunteer work “Employees are encouraged to get involved in the community, and the company provides several programs that provide additional financial support for the charitable causes that employees want to be involved with.” – Williams Northwest Pipeline Employee #4 Edward Jones Overall Score: 87.2 Number of Utah Employees: 124 Company Size: Medium Edward Jones gives its financial advisors flexibility and autonomy—each advisor works independently in a two-person office with an administrative support specialist. “I don’t feel managed,” explains one advisor. “I feel like a business owner.” In fact, the company offers its advisors the opportunity to become limited partners in the firm. Additionally, employees have access to training resources and support from management. “I can and do pick up the phone and call any of the top management to ask questions or discuss issues. Our corporate ladder is more like a sidewalk,” says another advisor. Employees of Edward Jones are also enthusiastic about the company’s benefits and other perks. For example, employees can earn “diversification trips” based on their performance. One advisor recently returned from a family trip to Cyprus. Other perks include tuition reimbursement, bonuses and flexible scheduling. • Potential limited partner ownership • Trips based on performance • Performance-based bonuses • Tuition reimbursement • Flexible scheduling “Edward Jones provides an excellent training program for new employees and continued training for veteran employees. We are encouraged to grow and learn in our positions.” – Edward Jones Employee #5 Goldman Sachs Overall Score: 85.7 Number of Utah Employees: 1,023 Company Size: Large Goldman Sachs is committed to investing in its employees and helping them achieve their best. “Coaching and mentoring is a core value of Goldman Sachs. [The] firm provides unlimited opportunities to take on new responsibilities,” explains an employee. “The performance review process is very extensive and intensive. This allows those who are top performers to move forward in their careers at an accelerated pace,” says another. On top of growth opportunities, the company takes care to help workers balance their personal lives with their demanding careers. For example, Goldman Sachs has several programs that help employees balance the transition to new parenthood with their careers, including a Mothers@Work program and back-up daycare. The firm’s wellness programs are equally comprehensive and include physicals, ergonomic assessments, a smoking cessation program and cancer screenings. • Paid maternity and paternity leave • Wellness program with fitness reimbursements • Flexible scheduling and telecommuting • 401k match • Tuition reimbursement • “Unlimited” sick time “We are reimbursed almost $400/year for recreational activities. For some this is a gym pass, but for me it is golf all summer long, and I will be able to ski this winter as well.” – Goldman Sachs Employee #6 Marriott Vacation Club International Overall Score: 85.4 Number of Utah Employees: 489 Company Size: Medium As a global company, Marriott Vacation Club International provides workers with an almost unlimited potential for growth and advancement within the company. “Whether you are interested in hotel management and operations, sales or marketing, customer service or human resources, there are thousands of hotels around the world and the opportunities are only limited by where you would like to live and what you would like to do,” explains an employee. Another benefit? Worldwide travel opportunities with hotel and resort discounts. Marriott does not skimp on health benefits and even extends them to domestic partners of its employees. The company provides a 401k match and offers tuition reimbursement. With a focus on the health of its employees, Marriott offers wellness coaching and provides a staff fitness facility. And it acknowledges the contribution of its workers with regular employee appreciation activities. • Hotel and resort discounts • Fitness facility • Tuition reiumbursement • Domestic partner benefits • Wellness coaching “When our associates know that their opinions are welcomed, heard and responded to, this sense of being part of a dynamic team motivates them to do their best work.” – Marriott Vacation Club International #7 Rain Overall Score: 85.0 Number of Utah Employees: 38 Company Size: Small At Rain, it’s all about fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration. For example, employees take turns sharing their favorite music each Friday. Lunchtime foosball competitions are a common occurrence, along with other sports activities. The company has also created a database that allows employees to get to know each other better—the database includes information such as favorite candy and YouTube video for each person. Rain has the basics covered as well, with weekly onsite training and conference reimbursements. The company contributes to employee health savings accounts to go along with their high-deductible health insurance policies. Many employees value the opportunities for growth within the company. “The culture at Rain is really conducive to growth by letting employees have a large amount of freedom to chart their own course and accountability for their actions,” says an employee. • Health savings account contributions • 401k match • Employee gym memberships • Two weeks off at the end of December • Weekly onsite training events • Conference and seminar reimbursements “Here I have the opportunity to work on the most innovative projects with some of the best people in the industry. I grow tremendously by learning from those I work with.” – Rain Employee #8 Nu Skin Enterprises Overall Score: 84.7 Number of Utah Employees: 1,200 Company Size: Large Nu Skin has developed a credo of recognizing and rewarding its employees through bonuses, frequent parties and events, and sports and gaming competitions. In addition to a holiday bonus, employees get to enjoy an exclusive shopping day at Costco, frequently with a gift card provided by the company. However, the aspect of the Nu Skin culture that employees appreciate the most is the emphasis on community involvement. Employees are given frequent opportunities to get involved through service projects, payroll deductions to support local charities, Sub for Santa contributions and ongoing volunteer efforts at the Provo Food and Care Coalition. “I'm very proud of the philanthropic initiatives that Nu Skin undertakes and the results we achieve,” says an employee. • Opportunities for community involvement • Comprehensive wellness program • 401k match • Bonus program • Discounts to local businesses • Discounts to in-house restaurant featuring an executive chef “The generosity this company shows to its employees is astounding. I can't count the number of times I've seen the upper level management reach out to employees and their families in times of need.” – Nu Skin Employee #9 SelectHealth Overall Score: 84.3 Number of Utah Employees: 814 Company Size: Large Just this year, SelectHealth moved into its new headquarters in Murray, a building that features an onsite, full-sized gym with fitness classes and a full-time personal trainer. The company has long promoted employee wellness through incentive and educational programs; the new fitness center simply took those efforts one step further. “The flexible working hours are amazing and really allow me to spend time with my family,” says one worker. Employees also rave about all of the educational opportunities at SelectHealth, from in-house trainings to conferences and continuing education. And these educational offerings go hand-in-hand with abundant opportunities for growth and development within the company. • Onsite gym with a full-time personal trainer and fitness classes • 401k match and pension plan • Wellness incentives • Employee Advisory Committee • Tuition reimbursement • Employee discounts at many local businesses “I was highly impressed that the new CEO took the time to come and say ‘Hello’ to every employee—that was a great effort on her part.” – SelectHealth Employee #10 Doba Overall Score: 84.2 Number of Utah Employees: 54 Company Size: Small The culture of Doba is perhaps best illustrated by “Doba Day,” an annual birthday bash for the company, when employees dress up, play games and celebrate the company's inception. The company promotes a fun environment overall, with a pool table and “paper airplanes flying around and bouncy balls to throw around,” according to one enthusiastic worker. But day-to-day work is taken seriously as well. “They discuss needs and ideas for improvement in bi-weekly one-on-ones and always listen when I have something to say,” says another employee. At Doba, keeping things light and casual is key to helping employees achieve at their best. • Monthly lunches and breakfasts • Educational and career development opportunities • Frequent family activities • Flexible scheduling • Softball team and Ragnar team “If people like who they work with, have fun doing it, and see how their contributions move the organization forward, it's easy to keep them happy and productive.” – Doba #11 Neutron Interactive Overall Score: 84.0 Number of Utah Employees: 33 Company Size: Small At Neutron Interactive, employee satisfaction is taken seriously. The company pays completely for health insurance, taking nothing out of paychecks. An anti-cubicle environment encourages teamwork, and yoga classes in the break room and daily catered lunches foster camaraderie and a fun environment. Other perks that contribute to the great environment include box seats to local sporting events, unlimited snacks and drinks, free TRAX passes, summer retreats and random prize giveaways. Management makes it a priority to have quarterly one-on-one meetings with each employee to discuss goals, ideas and problems, while taking the opportunity to interact and get to know each of their employees. Employees regularly attend conventions and conferences to receive better training, keeping their skills as cutting-edge as possible. • 100% company-paid health insurance • Catered daily lunches and unlimited snacks • Flexible scheduling • Tuition reimbursement • Paid maternity/paternity leave • Yoga classes “Our managers have an open-door policy and are very approachable about any issue we have. We know they will do anything to help us succeed.” – Neutron Interactive Employee #12 Love Communications Overall Score: 83.9 Number of Utah Employees: 37 Company Size: Small Employees at Love Communications say there’s a “family-like” feeling at work and people really care about one another. “It would be hard to find another company with the level of mutual support and encouragement we enjoy here,” says one worker. Employees also love the casual work environment and the snack and beverage bar that keeps them energized for work. Opportunities for growth and development are plentiful, as the company recognizes those that go above and beyond by allowing them to expand their work duties with additional responsibilities and training. Promotion from within is frequent whenever the opportunity arises, but with a low turnover rate, employees seldom quit. • 100% company-paid insurance • 401(k) matching and profit sharing • Cell phone reimbursement • Generous paid holiday schedule • Summer and winter bonuses • Snack and beverage bar “We have a very happy and productive workplace. We support our employees to spend time with family by giving them the freedom to come and go as long as work is covered.” – Love Communications #13 1-800 CONTACTS Overall Score: 83.5 Number of Utah Employees: 800 Company Size: Large 1-800 CONTACTS creates a culture where employees are rewarded for working hard. The company has several fun activities and events to participate in, creating opportunities for teamwork and bonding. For example, employees rave about the film festivals and the company Olympics. And employees say they have the opportunity to work their way up in the company, as management tends to hire from within for most positions. Many employees also enjoy the option to work from home. “They treat us as good as or better than their customers. That says a lot,” says an employee. The management works hard to be positive and creative with helping employees reach their full potential. By continually seeing room for improvement in each department, 1-800 CONTACTS is able to grow and thrive. • Fitness center with personal trainer • Telecommuting and flexible scheduling • On-site cafeteria, along with free snacks and drinks • Eye exam center • Tuition reimbursement • Cell phone reimbursement “We reward associates for hard work in ways the associates actually appreciate—it isn’t like a pen or a coffee mug, but things people actually want to do, like a team going to lunch and out to a movie, all while on the clock. This builds morale, rewards associates and makes it a fun place to work.” – 1-800 CONTACTS #14 Mozy Overall Score: Medium Number of Utah Employees: 180 Company Size: 83.3 Mozy promotes a fast-paced and fun environment where activities such as Rockband, Wii, ping-pong, basketball and foosball are available to employees. “It’s a great way to wind down and help keep the stress levels low,” says a worker. Communication between employees and management is very important to the company. At Mozy, employees are encouraged to share thoughts and opinions to the highest members of the company. “It’s great to be able to communicate with the management and executive team members without feeling like they don't care what you have to say,” says another employee. • 401(k) match • Free snacks and drinks • Tuition reimbursement • Gym reimbursement and employee golf pass • Flexible schedules • Massage therapist “We have a fun workplace. People are friends and eat lunch together and work well together.” – Mozy Employee #15 CHG Healthcare Services Overall Score: 83.1 Number of Utah Employees: 650 Company Size: Large At CHG Healthcare Services, the training department is always looking for ways to offer additional training resources to employees. The company also recently completed focus groups of randomly selected employees at all offices to learn more about what employees want in order to facilitate growth and development. A strong sense of culture permeates throughout CHG. The company celebrates large company wins together, including the being named to Fortune magazine's list of 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2010. Management works hard to remain as transparent as possible. At least once a year, employees receive updates from the CEO on the state of the company. He also maintains a blog where he shares information and employees are welcomed to comment and ask questions. • Health and wellness programs • On-site gym with fitness classes • Generous PTO • Massage therapist • Training lunches • Flexible scheduling “Each year we schedule an Employee Appreciation Week where employees are recognized through fun activities and events that include free massages, treats, games, prizes, team lunches and more.” – CHG Healthcare Services #16 Employer Solutions Group Overall Score: 82.4 Number of Utah Employees: 46 Company Size: Small Employer Solutions Group takes workplace flexibility seriously. ESG allows employees to work from home on a part-time basis or to work remotely. Many staff members work extended hours one day and leave early another, depending on their workloads, client needs and outside-of-work demands. ESG also allows employees the option to work four 10-hour shifts per week. As a result, ESG has received the Alfred Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility for the last three years. The company encourages employees to actively improve the community at large through its Giving Back Committee. Employees have participated in projects (at no cost to them) that include building orphanages in Haiti and Mexico, blood drives, MS walks, sponsoring families for Thanksgiving and Christmas, making and providing quilts to the needy, and fundraising for the American Cancer Society. • Flexible schedules • Generous PTO • Gym memberships • Health savings account contributions • Health and wellness program • Giving Back Committee “ESG recognizes that its employees are truly its most valuable asset. Without such valuable assets, ESG would not be able to service its outstanding clients in such an excellent way for all of the years it has been in business.” – Employer Solutions Group #17 Access Development Overall Score: 82.3 Number of Utah Employees: 155 Company Size: Medium Access Development implements a unique mix of hard and soft benefits designed to reward and support employees. One of the most unique is a discount program that includes deals of up to 50 percent off at more than 250,000 locations for the employee and 10 people they select. The company recognizes solid performances through its Gold Medal Performance prizes, ranging from indoor surfing to spa packages handed out every quarter, and Exceeding Expectations Awards announced annually for employees’ extra-curricular and community involvement. There are regular reviews and pay raise opportunities, parties, freebies and charity events designed to maintain a happy, empowered workforce. • 401(k) match • Flexible schedules • Cell phone reimbursement • Work from home option • Generous PTO “We maintain a casual dress environment, and any time there’s a holiday that falls on a Monday, we give the employees a head start with a half-day Friday.” – Access Development #18 ARUP Laboratories Overall Score: 81.8 Number of Utah Employees: 2,900 Company Size: Large ARUP Laboratories is committed to the health of not only its clients, but employees as well. The company offers free lab work for employees and their family members. An on-site Employee Medical Clinic makes check-ups a breeze, and the on-site gym makes working out hassle-free. Other added perks include an on-site daycare and free flu shots. ARUP lives and breathes its five pillars: create a good working environment, do the right thing, improve continuously, act responsibly and provide excellent patient care. “The ARUP culture is based on these principles and everyone lives them from the executives on down. It's pretty incredible,” says one employee. • On-site gym • On-site health clinic and free lab work • Tuition reimbursement • Profit sharing • On-site daycare • Flexible scheduling “We treat our employees as our greatest asset and build a strong company culture that supports our workforce while advancing the corporate mission. We feel strongly that our employees are happier and more productive when they believe in the work they are doing and the company for which they are working.” – ARUP Laboratories #19 SIRE Technologies Overall Score: 81.5 Number of Utah Employees: 64 Company Size: Small SIRE Technologies offers a work environment where hard work and dedication are rewarded and the doors are always open. “The company is very family oriented and places great importance on a balanced work life,” says one worker. The company offers motivated employees the chance to move up within the company. And management always tries to accommodate personal circumstances—for example, when people move, they can work remotely. The culture is anti-micro management, allowing employees to be self-motivated and driven. “When mistakes are made, there is no finger pointing, just an attitude of figuring out what we can do better next time,” adds another employee. • Every other Friday off • Flexible schedules • Discounted gym membership • 401(k) matching • Casual dress code “Management is very approachable as well as involved with the day-to-day operations of the company and employees. They are vey fair, ethical and try to meet the desires, needs and expectations of us.” – Sire Technologies Employee #20 CH2M HILL Overall Score: 81.3 Number of Utah Employees: 130 Company Size: Medium CH2M HILL has a strong culture of respect for employees and clients and a focus on high-quality client service. The company makes training and recognition of employees a priority and has not reduced spending in these areas even during the economic downturn. “CH2M HILL is based on the principles of people, ethics and quality and continues operate around them,” reports an employee. Management is very open and provides prompt communication to employees on the company’s vision and strategic plan. The CEO of this global company with 24,000 employees maintains a blog and sends weekly emails to the full staff. • Flexible scheduling • Stock ownership • Generous PTO • Special project bonuses • CH2M HILL University “CH2M does a great job helping its employees map their careers—where they are, where they want to be and what they need to do to get there.” – CH2M HILL Employee
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